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Oil painting & watercolor (lanscape, portrait, still-nature, composition), icons on glass, graphics, artistic mosaics.

Octavian-Eugen Sassu-Ducsoara Foundation "Octavian - Eugen Sassu - Ducsoara" FOUNDATION

Octavian-Eugen Sassu-Ducsoara Our foundation has the following purposes:

  • Creatively and responsively promoting and encouraging the arts, especially master Octavian – Eugen SASSU – DUCSOARA’s art;
  • Initiating and apllying distinctive, articulate methods to promote the writer Ion SASSU – DUCSOARA’s literary works;
  • The foundation will promote the Oriental and Western spiritual values that guide the individuals and communities to release them of prejudices and archaic mentalities, the universal love and the discovery of spiritual practices common to all great religions in their effort of enlightening the counsciousness, attaining the salvation, Nirvana state or merging with the Unique One.


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    In Vampire Galleries from Bran, we are waiting for you, in our shop, to buy beautiful works.

    We are expecting to see the cow getting out of the painting, to feel her warm and moist breath. Her eyes look at us so kindly and gentle that we are impressed. It's a look by far quite sharp and wise for an animal and it's probably better for us not to know what she thinks about us.
    On an abstract backgroud reminding us only of some nature elements , a woman body is resting , graceously and full of purity . In my works the woman is painted in nature because she is a temple , and the surrounding nature is the environment , the temple in which the human being offers the prayers to God. For me , the woman isn't an object which can be placed on a sofa and this object begins to groan.
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    Etching dry point
    Linolium etching


    The images are joined in:

    1. illustrated postcard: format of 17.5 cm out of 14 cm of which an image in colors on a side and another graphics, in white and black, inside, written in Rumanian, English, French and German.

    2. fold: with 7 images colors + 1 on cover, written in Roumanian, English, French and German.

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