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Octavian-Eugen Sassu-Ducşoara

About the master
The Spiritual Ego – The Divine Spark

technique - Chromodynamic (personal invention)


year 1982
90 cm X 130 cm

Another special painting / work, in his unique style of master Octavian-Eugen Sassu-Ducşoara, painting / work with the name ''The Spiritual Ego – The Divine Spark'', made in the year 1982, as the realization technique used being technique Chromodynamic (personal invention), having the dimensions of - 90 cm X 130 cm.
If you want to know more or buy this painting / work with the name ''The Spiritual Ego – The Divine Spark'', please contact us by phone or message using the contact form. Thank you and we hope you enjoy watching this masterpiece of the master Octavian-Eugen Sassu-Ducşoara.

"...It is a composition of high spiritual height because it speaks of the spiritual Self, the human self, the atman in the Indians.
The painting can be interpreted from the perspective of three Indian theories:
1. samsara theory (in Indian samsara = pilgrimage, wandering) the lives of man, the circle of births, deaths and rebirths;
2. maya theory ( maya = illusion, the deceptive waves that prevent man from seeing the Divine). > Mircea Eliade speaks from this point of view about the camouflage of the sacred by the profane.
The painting refers to the way from God to man, but also to the way from man to God; avidya = ignorance is what prevents him from seeing God.
3. kosha theory ( kosha in indiana = invelis).
God himself it hides in front of man wrapping itself in several koshas.


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